Carl is a professional musician from Windsor, Canada, Ontario. With over 10 years experience in the music industry, Carl has toured internationally and produced many albums. His latest solo project ‘Life Anchors’ was released in September 2014.


Carl enjoys many styles of music and plays many instruments. He is a proficient singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer.

When not playing Carl spends his time making custom tube guitar amplifiers. His company, Chute Amplifiers, has endorsed many international touring acts such as Gov’t Mule, The Tea Party, and Hanson.

Hold Me Down // Carl Chute - Life Anchors
  1. Hold Me Down // Carl Chute - Life Anchors
  2. My Last Day Here // Life Anchors
  3. The World I’m Waiting For // Carl Chute - Life Anchors
  4. Never Loved You // Life Anchors
  5. Don’t Get Close // Life Anchors
  6. Coming Home // Life Anchors
  7. Can’t Get Your Money // Life Anchors